CBD In The Body

One of the more important things to get our arms around is how things actually work. We hear about what things do, but most of the time we don’t really understand the mechanics of it.

This concept holds true to the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, and even more importantly - the medicines and supplements we take daily.

We should ask ourselves “how does that really work?” more often when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Taking that idea and applying it to CBD Hemp Oil – let’s examine the basic principles of how this superfood-nutrient engages our body when it enters into our system.

So, how does CBD work?!?

From the top level we understand that our bodies have what’s called an ECS or Endocannabinoid System, and this is our body’s internal regulation mechanism for modulating every part of our physical being. The ECS controls our most basic and core functions, really it regulates our internal organs by reacting with the different receptors in our brain and nervous system. These are all related to our physical movement, our hand-eye coordination, how we feel pain, our sensory awareness, memory, immune system, and even our emotions!

This may sound technical but stay with it! These “receptors” are called CB1 and CB2 receptors, and science has discovered that CBD interacts with them and the cannabinoid content become ligands, which is more of a chemistry term, that relates to how nutrients bind with other chemicals in our bodies as our body communicates in our own internal network. So, CBD helps to form bonds and then become something that our receptors recognize and process naturally; this helps our neurotransmitters work as they should - Very Important.

When talking about CB1, the important thing to understand is that this impacts our Limbic System and what it does. In very short terms, the Limbic System is an umbrella term for what makes up the VERY IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BRAIN [Cortex, Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, and others]. To make a connection to something we hear about often, Alzheimer’s disease is something that occurs when there is an issue in your Limbic System… if this was damaged in some way or otherwise diseased.

Bringing this home, just understand that this Limbic System is what drives our emotions, controls things like our sense of smell, your memory, your overall mood, and our everyday behavior. That said, the Limbic System is hugely important and relevant to our overall health and well-being. Early research is showing that if we are deficient of CBD (CED), we can have increased levels of fear, depression, and anxiety.

Boost Your Body's Ability to Regulate These Systems

By adding CBD as a superfood-nutrient in our daily intake as a supplement to a good intake, we can boost our body’s ability to regulate these important systems.

This is a natural way to address some of our most core health concerns without unintended side-effects. We are naturally responsive the chemical makeup of hemp and this particular cannabinoid, as it is a perfect fit to the receptors already in our system. Our bodies make cannabinoids naturally, and we can benefit from adding more to our system and see positive results.

We can help our own body maintain its natural balance and help ourselves be a healthier version of what we already are.

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